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San Antonio HomeStay

Joy He.....China....2013

I came to San Antonio for my internship right after graduating from Texas A&M and was invited by Jerry & Cindy Gomez (also A & M alumni) into their home on my first day of arrival.We had a wonderful dinner with other international students invited from some of the other local universities and colleges and was made to feel welcome by their generous hospitality. On occasion Jerry would arrange for me to meet some of the local professional to help introduce me to potential internships. Jerry is a typical Texan host father with a pure heart and a giving personality  that welcomes all and takes good care of his students. Living with the Gomez family made me feel comfortable, safe and most of all welcomed.

Fabio Magalhaes............Brazil.........Fall 2010

San Antonio HomeStay is undoubtedly, the best choice for those who really to get deep into the American and Texas Culture and learn about them both. I could not have expected anything better as an exchange experience. In San Antonio you will find some of the most friendly and respectful people in the U.S.. The host families will provide you some of the best times of your life and you will miss it all when its over. 

Olga Chou........taiwan..... Summer 2009

before I went to Texas I had very little knowledge of arranging the local accommodations and transportation. Thanks to Jerry, he helped me a lot in all of my preperations and pre arrival things to do before I left. we met on the internet. I really appreciate his hospitality even though we hadnt met yet. His enthusiasm was what motivated me to use San Antonio Homestay services. I was the 83rd student Jerry and Cindy had hosted. I cant tell you how many students they have since hosted but they are very friendly and experienced. They were always prepared with timely advice and always ready to help. Jerry and Cindy shared their lifestyle with me including outdoor activities, barbeques and how to hug..Texas Style! it was interesting to share each others cultures. During my time at Jerry's house I met a lot of new friends who were other students from other schools and countries such as Germany, Brazil, Japan,Turkey and China who are now good friend and i still stay in touch with them. Now i get to meet the students arriving through the internet and we are all one big family.... every year its get bigger and bigger.

The  above is my experience with Jerry & Cindy, I hope it helps you get a clearer picture with them and their ideas of homestay. For me it was more than just a homestay; I got many good things that I had'nt thought of before my trip. Hope to meet you someday and enjoy your trip!

Melek S.............Turkey............Summer 2013

I was in San Antonio last summer and I would like to say it was my best summer. Since I came back I am thinking about going back there because in San Antonio I never felt like I was way from home. I met so many new friends and I joined so many activities....I think I was really lucky because I have been an exchange student where I have someone like Jerry and Cindy

Anete nikiforova........Latvia.......Fall 2013

When I came to San Antonio in August last year with my brother, we didn't know anyone there. We were not participating in the homestay program; however Jerry took us in as family and treated us like his own children. During our stay in Texas, he has always been there for us when we had some question or problems. He has helped us to integrate in the international circle of people, showed us many cultural activities and helped us to visit some local companies, which gave us some insight of how the industry works in the USA. Jerry and his family have been incredibly kind to us, making us feel like at at home while we were very far from our actual homes. Going to San Antonio is one of the best experiences of my life. Hugs...

Ekaterina Ivanova.........Russia...........Spring 2013

Last Autumn I had a great opportunity to stay in Jerry and Cindy's beautiful and hospitable house and I was also able to visit the other homestay families which Jerry has chosen for the other members of my delegation. Jerry and Cindy are very intelligent and hospitable persons who take real care of their homestay guests. They take all possible efforts to make homestay interesting and valuable; they show you the traditions and customs of San Antonio, texas and host events with different people/students from all over the world so that you can extend the boundaries or your mind and experience. I am honestly glad to have met such brilliant personalities in my life who have become my friends! The conditions of my stay were absolutely perfect. Jerry And Cindy were very hospitable and warm hosts so that I felt like in real family. They also took responsibility on every issue of the stay_ all of the details were settled perfectly and more than that Jerry was always ready to meet any changing circumstances. Having collected positive responses of the other members of my delegation I can state that Jerry took attention on the issues of choosing great homestay hosts for them! Jerry and Cindy helped my colleagues and me so much and made our stay in San Antonio, Tx comfortable, valuable, interesting and joyful! I wish you to have this unique opprotunity to meet Jerry and Cindy. And as for me- I wish to come back as soon as I can!

Leo Lutz...........germany.........1995

I spend a whole year with the Gomez family in San Antonio and I have never regretted that decision. I wanted to experience life as an American High school student and even though I have long forgotten most things I learned in the classroom, I am still looking back at the incredible experience of being part of an American family. Its been well over 10 years now but I am still in regular contact with my host family, even though there is nothing "host" about it anymore. From day one I have felt a full member of the family with all advantages and responsibiliities and to this day all important life events are still shared and discussed. I feel as much a part of my family in San Antonio as I did when I lived there. It wasn't always easy being so far away from my home in Germany, but I always felt supported, understood and loved.

Pearl Lee ........Taiwan (R.O.C.).......Summer 2009

To stay in Jerry Lee Gomez's family was one of my most unforgettable life experiences. Jerry, Cindy and their son Jason are some of the most opened minded people, they have welcomed people into their home from all over the world. They not only accept the different cultures, traditions and religions from around the world, they also share the American, the Hispanic and Texan cultures with all of their students.  During my time with the Gomez family, they showed me many nice places in Texas including the beach, Mexico and other cities. I shouldn't forget the delicious food they always prepared and the family barbeques with students  from other schools and countries. They are so willing to share joy to both old and new friends. Thanks to them, I deeply experienced the local American living style. As a newcomer to San Antonio, if you like to feel yourself at home here, the Gomez family is definitely your best choice.